Learner's Permit


Twin Cedars participates in the state's Skip the Trip program. Skip the Trip allows students to take the web-based knowledge test that is required to obtain a driver’s instruction permit at Twin Cedars instead of making the trip to a DMV or local county treasurer’s office to complete the test. This allows students to take the test in a familiar and comfortable environment and saves parents and students time away from school by potentially reducing the number of trips to the DMV or local county treasurer’s office.


  • Be enrolled at Twin Cedars.


  1. Once a student passes the knowledge test at Twin Cedars, an email verifying their passing results will be sent the student, along with being given a printed receipt.

  2. After passing the test, make an appointment to come in to the DMV or a county treasurer's office to be issued the instruction permit. Build a customized list of the required documents necessary to receive your instruction permit.

Driver's Education

We have partnered with Training Wheels Drivers' Education.